The Canadian Tragedy – Thalidomide

Thalidomiders are now in their early fifties and they are experiencing physical deterioration due to stress placed on their different body structures, further limiting their abilities, often resulting in new disabilities (see degeneration) , and therefore compounding the tragedy. The needs and problems of this unique population are many and overwhelming

Uncovering The Addiction to Complaining | Forever Healthy!

Another article started but left unfinished.
Dang,its a good thought to pass on,and I cant hold back any longer. I’m here now so,here it is coming at you.

Are you ready for this 😯    It’s not always easy to stay calm or



β– Humanity Blossoming

When you see a beautifull flower blossoming,or sorrowfully withering,you insist on showing everyone the brutality of the thorns.
Remember that as you release this role of prosecutor you play online or in the field ,you are witnessing human beings.

Why is that important?  It is specifically for you,so you can witness and connect with humanity.

What is this fantasy world people create for penalizing people online, for the way that they ought to live.

Watch “ABBA: MAMMA MIA – (Australia 1976) – HD – Max HQ” on YouTube

ABBA Live in Australia

Do you remember when …

A touch of 1976 when musicians created the sounds of music we adored.

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Experience: It’s what you get when you were expecting something else.

We Think We Know

No matter who you are,or aren’t,you will someday realize later in life,you thought you figured out people and life’s complications,but lately reality has reflected a different impression.

The day at the senior centre was a picnic compared to working with two hundred men in a nickel smelter.

Does the mind really mind,if it carry’s the body around all day for 85 years ?

Well it may not be apparent,but if you think back to those days when your back was aching so bad you could hardly scrub the kitchen floor for Betty Buckwheat, your darling wife who was in a wheel chair from a car accident on the 401,and managed to escape a wandering tractor trailer.

Her mind doesn’t mind, as much since she doesn’t go out of the house much anymore.

Does the mind, sense more or less of life as it slows down ?Β  Probably;

LG; no doubt,so alas less can be more in the end.

In Memory


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Experience: It’s what you get when you were expecting something else.