Jammin @ The Rec Centre

Chap 1
             A quicky

  So it it seems relevant after the invitation,that I was aging after all.
The idea of playing guitar in a group was kind of exciting.
I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at the Senior Centre.

I slowly pulled around the old red brick school house,and couldn’t find a parking space for the life left in me.
Something fantastic and very popular was happening in this retired place of learning.
I knew what it was,but didn’t think one hundred grumpy old folk could fit in one room all with shiny guitars.

I had just tuned mine yesterday,so I wasn’t worried about that much,althou I didn’t know the first thing about an accoustic guitar jammin.

Turns out; omg this guys picking somebody up at the side door parked there i presumed.
I weaved around him scanning for an open space; doh dead end…oh wait brake lights on ;waved her out,smiled ok,
pulled in ;scooped my guitar x out of the trunk and geeeze a voice was blurting words like; “thanks for taking my parking spot.”
Oh dear I thought,first day at the senior centre LOL , I fucked up alreafy. Oh my I said to the old grumpy fart,
“I didnt know it was yours.”
He responded “you thunk Im sitting here for the good of my health?

Heres where the toughlove comes in haha.
“Well I said,I do appologize twice” as I watched him cross the parking lot toward me warily.
We trudged toward the main door as I eyed him over.
I could tell he kinda felt bad for being a bitch,but he never said dont worry or its ok or anything so I fugured
he was still a bad ass and said “that no way to start your day?”

Continued soon 💖💕💘💘💝💞💟💚💛💜💓❤💙


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Experience: It’s what you get when you were expecting something else.


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